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Here’s some data on the few dating cos that have raised.Obviously, anyone starting a new company in dating should try to understand investor biases in this sector.But if concrete data still doesn’t cut it for you, prolific startup advisor and investor Andrew Chen writes in a recent blog post the reasons why dating startups don’t get funded by investors.According to Chen, there are six primary reasons why investors don’t fund dating startups.


The origins of the company are all in Murray’s background and academic interests.

Built-in churn Churn sucks, and the better your dating product works, the more your customers will churn*.

Every churned customer is a new customer you’ll have to acquire just to get back to even.

“People want to blame everybody else,” Murray said.

“But the name of the game is creating a unique avenue to start conversations.”In addition, dating websites don’t do a great job in suggesting how users can improve their profiles, according to Murray.Online dating is one of those things – like sailing – that force newbies to learn a whole new vocabulary, from “catfish” (people who misrepresent their physical appearance on their online profile) to “benching” (the practice of putting the people you just met in a sort of limbo and ‘bench them,’ so you date around and see what else is out there).


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