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The inside of a chicken costume isn’t a comfortable place to be, Rowley said Monday, stepping into the fowl, tattered, yellow suit.It’s hot, it lacks padding, it stinks and, most of all, wearing it is humiliating, he noted.With the home crowd cheering its approval, Kamara playfully sticks out his tongue, then somersaults backwards as teammates dog pile him.Approximately 70 seconds later, inside Sporting Park stadium, Sasha Victorine, Director of Business and Development for Sporting Innovations, treats yours truly to a replay of Kamara’s goal on his smart phone.Carter was wearing the very same suit that day when he was mobbed by a mob of fellow students.Just before the 50 minute mark of an eventual 3-0 Sporting Kansas City win over the New England Revolution last August, Kei Kamara, a charismatic forward and fan favorite for Sporting KC, separates himself from NE defender Kevin Alston.


TRUSMEDADY.”Since Earl returned home from a remote boarding school, OFWGKTA appeared poised to continue its meteoric rise to stardom.

Adding to the dogpile of speculation is Wolf Gang standout Earl Sweatshirt, and it looks like the young rhyme slinger might have thrown a dart or two.

Earl Sweatshirt’s tweets were obviously aimed at the rabid Odd Future fanbase, and the outspoken wordsmith didn’t mince any words.“[N]o sympathy for male virgins who’re in their feelings about tyler pointing out and solidifying the obvious,” tweeted Earl Thursday night (May 28).

Carter was roughed up while wearing the same chicken outfit at a 2010 BHS pep rally skit meant to mock Clovis West school’s mascot.


Attorney Nicholas Rowley enters Kern County Superior Court 11 wearing a chicken costume to make closing arguments in the case of his client Mitch Carter versus the Kern High School District.

The winners of the two four-team brackets meet in a best-of-three national title series June 26-27 with a June 28 game if necessary.


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