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The number of civil health care fraud investigations handled by the Department increased from 270 in Fiscal Year 1992 to 2,488 in Fiscal Year 1996.

Law360, Washington (November 7, 2016, PM EST) -- The Federal Communications Commission on Friday proposed a .7 million fine against Network Services Solutions and its chief executive for a litany of alleged fraud against a Universal Service Fund program aimed at helping rural health care providers modernize their telecommunications services.

Federal laws require some providers to have on-site screening visits to ensure program integrity as stated in 42 CFR Part 455.

In Oklahoma, an OHCA provider enrollment contracts representative will conduct these visits for providers that are not already screened by another state or federal agency.

This is the Department of Justice's second report on health care fraud.


Perform Care compliance staff will work with each Provider to develop a self -report audit plan, as well as a follow up corrective action plan to prevent future occurrence of any confirmed violation.

Health care fraud investigations by the Federal Bureau of Investigations increased from 657 in Fiscal Year 1992 to 2,200 in Fiscal Year 1996.

Criminal prosecutions increased from 83 cases and 116 defendants in Fiscal Year 1992 to 246 cases and 450 defendants in Fiscal Year 1996.

Beginning in 2011 and continuing into 2012 United Health Group implemented an enterprise reorganization.

This coincided with retiring brands adopted following the various acquisitions of prior years and adopting the unified brand of United Healthcare.

In 1977, United Health Care Corporation was created to reorganize the company and become the parent company of Charter Med.


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