Asp designer file not updating

Currently, in my project, there is a folder named "Properties" which contains one item, Settings.settings, which contains one subitem, Settings. if i try to do that here by creating a folder named config and moving App.

However, I tend to like to keep all my config files in one location under a config directory.

There is one bug in VS2012: when you try to change ascx file for web part automatically generated ascx.file is deleted.

In order to avoid this problem you need to specify url of the correct Sharepoint site in “Site URL” for the project with the web part in VS: Seems like VS tries to connect to Sharepoint site, when you change ascx file.

For example: And corresponding protected field declarations are added in the code-behind class that match the name and type of controls defined within the file. NET does the work of wiring up a reference from this code-behind field declaration to point to the declared control in the file at runtime.

Integrating MVC into an existing Web Forms project is possible, and there are multiple guides (I like Scott Zischerk’s) to take you through the configuration and references you will need to change.

We have done a good job of keeping up with the features of the latest .

NET (it’s extremely similar to C# in most respects).

VS 2003 automatically adds/updates these protected control field declarations at the top of the code-behind file (these are updated everytime a developer switches into WYSIWYG design-view): VS 2003 also then maintains a hidden region block inside the code-behind of tool-generated code to register event-handlers and keep them in sync with the design-surface: There are two common complaints/problems with this: 1) VS 2003 is adding/deleting code in the same file where the developer is authoring their own code -- and accidental conflicts/mistakes do end up happening (for example: some code that the developer writes can sometimes get modified or deleted by VS).


The tool-generated hidden block above is also a little "messy" for some people's tastes.Note that there ‘s also a Stop command to end your applicatio’s execution, and commands to build individual projects or solutions without running them. The designer partial class contains code that’s autogenerated by Mono Develop.


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