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Women outnumber men when it comes to higher education. But hear me out on why young people should consider sex ratios before accepting their first job—and also why Silicon Valley recruiters should turn these ratios to their advantage.There are a lot of people offering tantra workshops, and there is a big tantric community here in Melbourne.Many of these people are offering traditional tantra workshops and I wanted to bring in stuff that I am really passionate about and can transmit really strongly.I am not sure what you include in "rough sex," but I am presuming it does not involve the intention to inflict enduring physical pain or bruising. Good sex is always an interplay of a certain kind of pain and pleasure, and the boundary between them is as organically ever-shifting as our moods.If the sex is hurtful to either person, if it is used by a partner to achieve his goals at the cost of your safety, it is debasing and demeaning.Shrugging was encouraged, and the term "hard-wired" was mandatory.



What's really fascinating is that with this shift in understanding comes a profound shift in how we as a society are deciding to respond.

Although workshops vary – the first one was backdoor to god about anal sex – the common thread is about finding the sacred in everything from anal sex to rituals and Pujas.

My workshops are about the purity of sexuality and how it is a sacred practice.

You don't want a partner who engages in rough sex because he has no respect for women or because it pleases him to hurt women for some private purpose. Sex should be a positive activity, a way to express attraction, affection, and desire, not one that degrades either participant.

There is nothing inherently degrading about rough sex if both people enjoy it.

She hopes to relaunch it in the spring as a purely educational tool—no registration screens, no data captured by the app—that schools can use to have conversations with students about affirmative consent.


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