Jewish chinese interdating

" my Chinese girlfriend asked, somewhat confused, as we sat facing each other in the privacy of my apartment. It would be a betrayal of my family, my ancestors, my tradition. Then I realized: It would sound racist to me as well.

For weeks we’d been talking about the prospect of getting married. I was raised with a lox-and-bagels Judaism, replete with misconceptions and negative stereotypes about the religious life.

I wanted to know if any of them was the key to fixing the world.

I delved into the teachings of Christianity and Buddhism.

With Jewish continuity already threatened, I fear the outcome of the next Pew study and am puzzled by the apathy of the Jewish community and its leaders. 25), Rabbi David Baron cited the metamorphosis of national character as a universal theme. Interestingly, in the Torah itself, the audacious claim is made that nothing like the Exodus had ever happened to any other people, nor would it ever occur. Perhaps Rabbi Baron should consult with the Torah, or a history book, before consulting for his Hollywood friends.

I would certainly expect that liberal rabbis would have their own definition of who is a Jew.

I travelled to the arctic for a month hoping to taste native spirituality.

In the process, I became disillusioned with one “ism” after another.

Interdating opposed I applaud Rabbi Jarrod Grover’s stand on rejecting United Synagogue Youth’s interdating policy change (“Opinions vary on USY interdating policy change,” Jan. Why do we need to become even more compromising when intermarriage is spiralling out of control?


Do we really want to send the message that interdating is acceptable?

This discourse of racial purity clouds our thoughts continuously, in particular when the question of conversion arises." Raphael Baaden, Inside and Outside the Jewish Family, The Jewish Quarterly, Spring, 1996, p. The Bible is unambiguous on this point: We are clearly intended to hate Amalek, whose memory we are instructed to wipe out ...


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