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Fowler also shot several Snapchat videos while watching the race, but he didn't pan over to show viewers who he was sitting next to in the stands. Stokke has never qualified or participated in the Olympics, but became an internet sensation in 2008 when a photo was released featuring her posing with a pole while wearing her pole vaulting wardrobe. In 2016 she did an interview for ESPN for an article titled: "Allison Stokke doesn't want to be your sex symbol." "My response back then, in 2008 -- was I flattered? But I was overwhelmed, too," Stokke told ESPN in July.The photo quickly went viral, with many of its posters making references to her appearance instead of her athletic prowess. "And I think my response to being overwhelmed was to just stay away from it entirely.I HAD TO START THIS THANG OVER AND REPOST IT BECAUSE FOR A SECOND I THOUGHT MAYBE I POSTED A FIELD OF CHILDREN BEING HURT, OR A WOMAN BEING BEATEN OR A MAN BEING SHOT.... NOPE I POSTED @richforever AND MYSELF SHARING A MOMENT...

Rick Ross has been able to lock down some amazing women over the years.Nicki posted the pic to her Instagram annotated with the caption, “Only KINGS recognize QUEENS,” before gloating about how great the food at Sweet Chick is. It also appears that the rumored couple are rocking identical medallions around their necks.This isn’t the first time the “No Frauds” artist and Nasty Nas have gotten close.IT TAKES A JEALOUS, MISERABLE, HATEFUL, UNACCOMPLISHED, BROKE, DEPRESSED, UGLY, EVIL, UNDERACHIEVED AND WACK AS HELL INDIVIDUAL TO HATE ON SOMEONES HAPPINESS WHOM THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!

IVE HEARD IM A WHORE AND HES A HOE, HES RICH AND IM A GOLD DIGGER, REGARDLESS TO ANY OF THOSE STATEMENTS BEING TRUE OR FALSE, WHAT DOES ANY OF IT HAVE TO DO WITH YOU?It would make sense if the “You know, there's a few,” the 34-year-old said of which gals caught his eye. What might throw a wrench in any potential romance?


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