Who is stacey london dating


Kristie Erin Reed (Kristie), Stacey’s younger sister, described her sister and Powell as “[f]riends.” Powell, who was 20 years old at the time of the murder, had wanted to date Stacey, who was 16 years old, but recognized that she was underage and he “could go to jail for that.” Powell, a self-avowed “racist and white supremacist,” was aware that Stacey, who was white, was dating Sean Wilkerson, who is black.

Wilkerson had recently moved to another locality, but he and Stacey remained in contact.

Joe's little boy is the same age as my eldest so it's a lovely dynamic, they're all really good kids.

He didn't understand me, which I am not mean or calculating the number of young.My family and friends are both incredibly important to me and there always seems to be a lunch, dinner, shopping trip, birthday, night out to occupy me.



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