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In preparation for their day's work, the women slip into the personas of "Sasha" and "Susie" and "Sweet Blossom," or simple anonymity.Then they perform their passion ploys : making money for their masters by selling their sexual services to area men.They all come from diverse cultural backgrounds which have a big impact on their characters.In this post I will compare 8 different kinds of Asian girls from 8 countries.The street vendors won’t take no for an answer; if you don’t buy anything they will keep persisting, if you i Phone Snatchers I was filming Fisto with his i Phone as he walked fearless through a sea of passing motorbikes (this is the only way to cross a street in Saigon) when a motorbike drove right by me; and his random Vietnamese passenger tried to grab the i Phone from my hands as I was filming.Luckily I have ninja-like reflexes and managed to hold on to it or Fisto would have lost his 2nd i Phone in a week.



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Before I started this year long trip I did not have a distinct interest in Asian girls specifically, but as soon as I set foot on ground in SEA and discovered the femininity, sexiness and variety of Asian girls I got a bad case of yellow fever… I’ll share some of my personal sexy (NSFW) pics as well.


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