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Though the chemistry between them would be just ideal for a long term relationship, they need to prune their relationship now and then if it has to survive the tests of time.

The Sagittarius guy's lack of commitment and flirting drives the Pisces girl to nuts.

Pisces gives the Sagittarian partner the nourishment of emotional support, and they will be understanding and sympathizing with Sag.

Pisces woman can help Sagittarius man to be gentle, while Sagittarius man teaches Pisces to go out into the world and learn what knowledge it has to offer.

There's something guileless about Sagittarius that is refreshing for Pisces, who often slips in and out of personae. And that can be inspiring to Pisces, who as the sign of the Fishes, tends to Pisces is an enigma wrapped in a riddle—sometimes outgoing, sometimes ingoing, like the tide.

The socially confident Sagittarius is a bridge for making friends and covering ground out in the world of culture and the arts as well as with colleagues.

This is not a sign that gets down for long; Sagittarius is used to laughing away his cares in a healthy way.


• Martin Scorsese and Julia Cameron • Gary Shandling and Sharon Stone The Pisces woman would be full of romance and tries to woo her Sagittarius partner.

For else looking from outside they seems an unlikely pair, cause in many ways they have many contradictory qualities.

However, if they care for one another, though, they are each able to satisfy the philosophical cravings of the other, will have a happy relationship.

Sagittarius, a fire sign, besides outgoing and versatile, is an aggressive, independent individual; Pisces, a water sign, is highly sensitive and receptive in her approach to life.


The Sagittarius brings a spark and fresh vitality to the relationship, and they often attain the part of the gentle protector in this relationship.Sagittarius man needs a listener who will pay her full attention to what he's saying, a Pisces girl who is a good listener will earn the appreciation and adoration of Sag by this.



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