Japan girls ley photochat

While the photo itself seemed innocent enough, what caught the attention of the sharp eyed netizens was the emoji of the Japanese flag which Tiffany included on the tag of her post.

Shortly after the picture was posted, Tiffany deleted it off her account once some fans warned her that the Japanese flag might provoke criticism due to the proximity to Korea's National Liberation Day, which was to follow the next day.(Tiffany's Instagram)However, perhaps an ill omen for the star, Tiffany's social media missteps continued on when she later posted a picture of her purse with a sticker reading 'Tokyo Japan' on her Snapchat account.

It looks like the email we have in your account is invalid. Whether we are willing to admit it or not, history has left many lasting wounds..while many of these wounds have healed with time, some remain tender to this day.

When addressing these issues, respect and delicacy are paramount on both sides of the conversation; all the more so if you are a public figure or celebrity.

, soared 44% on its stock market debut in New York, giving the company a valuation of nearly billion.As she was in Japan, this photo might seem harmless, however while the words themselves did not offend, the graphics behind them did.The backdrop of the sticker incorporated a design reminiscent of the Japanese Rising Sun Flag (a.k.a.Two years ago, she said she was groped by a man during her morning commute."It became very crowded as more and more people got on the train and one man was standing right in front of me. Fumie had never been warned by her parents or teachers about the risk of being groped and did not know what to do."Rather than asking for help, I felt very anxious and I was thinking 'why me?


' and I tried to keep him away by putting my arm in front of my body," she said.

Fumie did not tell her teachers or friends about the attack when she arrived at school.



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