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To celebrate the centenary of International Women’s Day, a mural was commissioned by the Shankill Women’s Centre in Belfast.

The project was facilitated by Peter Morgan Barnes who also worked as the project’s historian along with Dr Myrtle Hill.

Research project initially commissioned by Island Hill Arts Centre in Lisburn and subsequently by the Transport & General Workers Union in partnership with Newtownabbey Borough Council.

In 2011 this research resulted in a visual art project with the Re-imaging Communities Programme in Northern Ireland.

The composition recalls the Last Supper so frequently depicted in renaissance art, and which the title references.

The apostolettes, as the artist called them, are grouped in positions of fellowship.


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☺WELCOME THAI MASSAGE ♡ Studio is located in Mc Keown Street, Lisburn...The Irish Linen Centre opened in 1994 in a bright modern extension to Lisburn’s Market House, attached to Lisburn Museum.


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