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For Japanese people, there’s hardly a greater bliss than to slowly soak their body in hot water.

Until the late 19th century, women were forbidden to climb Mount Fuji, lest they incite the jealousy of the divine princess who had made the mountaintop her home.

The origins of this association can be found in Shintoism, Japan’s oldest religion, which holds that nature harbors invisible forces, benevolent or malevolent, that must be taken into account.

These spirits, or kami, can be hidden in waterfalls, oddly-shaped rocks or trees with gnarled branches.

Get off the beaten path and discover Taketomi Island, the site of a beautifully preserved, traditional Ryukyu village just off the shore of Ishigaki.

In Kochi, don a helmet and headlamp and explore the cavernous natural wonder known as the Ryugado Cave, a National Natural Monument.As a leading Japanese dating site, we successfully bring together Japanese singles from around the world to meet their ideal match.



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