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Back in 1983, Chuck Hull printed the first 3D-printed object.

By contemporary standards his first print – a small black eyewash cup – was quite boring.

Pelican-Hardigg Mobile Medical chests, trunks, and cases designed by military medical professionals and expert engineers feature battle-tested endurance.

The addition of these Medical cases is designed to provide maximum protection in any situation.

Revenues and fees are split according to their share of investment in each individual picture.

The first movie to be greenlit under the deal is “Death Notify.” The production budget is set at US.5 million (RMB80 million).

With 30 years experience in the case industry we try hard to offer a great service and the best prices around, regularly checking competitors prices.

If you you do find a lower advertised price please let us know and we will reward you by improving on it.



The 10 worst apps for eating into storage, which automatically run when you turn your phone on, are: Facebook, Instagram, and Kindle are particularly bad because they store local cache files, photos or books, says Avast.

These medic cases have all of the standard features of the Hardigg single lid cases and the largest 4 sizes have edge casters for ease of transport.



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    The regulatory filing insinuated that Dish and Sprint could still return with a counter-offer.

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