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The two have always done their best thinking on the highway.In fact, the concept for their dream business, a funky little coffee shop, was finalized on a road trip last summer.We have received ALOT of Nude Pictures submissions from young girls and thier BF and their friends' Nude Pictures sending in thier Truth or Dare game pics.We accept all kinds of nude pics as long as it is the spirit of the 'DARE' !The Madurese have been living on Java proper for centuries, too, especially in the horseshoe, where they’ve settled and lived amongst the local Javanese for generations (there are now more Madurese here than in Madura).When it comes to making important decisions, Nan and Kris Martino like to hit the road.

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The Java-ness is a given, but few folks outside of Indonesia have heard of Madura, a hot, infertile island stretching off of Java’s northeast coast near Surabaya, nor haveyou likely heard of its people, the Madurese.

Because of the tough conditions in their motherland, the Madurese are famous for immigrating ( stalls and barber shops are found all across Indonesia.

These “Ramadan Wake-Up Jams” as I call them are especially popular in East Java, where each corner of this stretch of island seems to have its own style.


We’ve already learned about Banyuwangi-style , a kind of simple slit drum, transformed into a performative ensemble art form with elaborate interlocking rhythms played on bamboo xylophones.

Stand-up comedian Suzanne Westenhoefer, performed Fourth of July weekend, with sold-out performances for both Friday and Saturday night.


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