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These two things may not appear to have anything in common, but the novel follows a gymnastics prodigy whose family puts everything on the line to help their daughter succeed.

Abbott’s novel is far more than a story about an elite gymnast.

It’s a book that explores girlhood, secrets, ambition, and the ways that a family works when a prodigy is among them.

The themes in this book traverse some of the same territory she’s tread in previous thrillers, as well as in her earlier noir titles, but she does so in a way that continues to be fresh, exciting, and absolutely worth delving into.

“The whole reason I started Safety Chick in the first place was because everything I always read about personal safety was always so negative and daunting, it was always written by a man. She believes that personal safety starts with taking responsibility for your actions and really being aware of your surroundings.

And I don’t believe that we as women respond to that. “I love speaking to adolescent girls and their moms and trying to help give them street smarts before they have to learn it the hard way.” Her second talk at the show will be a general Safety Chick chat, focusing on 5 areas of personal safety, self awareness, and life lessons.

You dedicate different streets to Leopoldine Core, a love, and several poems in it tenderly crack me: “the perfect faceless fish,” “hi,” “perfect night,” and “glowing stick.” You tuck so much into so little as you ride that thin rim between Yang and Yin, like in “june 5,” an eight line poem that you consummate with: “I love you / Trumpets! And forgive me this Matthew Dickman paraphrase, but, Eileen, you’re my President; I wanted to get this letter right!


No matter what age you are, the unmasking scene below is guaranteed to give you chills!

But rather than expand upon why this book, as well as Abbott’s previous titles, are worth reading, here’s a chat with the author herself about why she writes what she does, why girlhood is such a fascinating topic in literature, female friendship, feminism, and so much more.

Oh, and we talk about the differences between adult fiction and young adult fiction, as well as some of Abbott’s favorite teen reads. You Will Know Me is your latest release and it follows an Olympic hopeful gymnast.

I’ve always been fascinated by the families of prodigies. How, or if, one can separate the child’s drive from the parents’. Before long, the story was just unfurling for me and I started writing. What draws you toward writing about these two meaty topics in a way that connects them to one another and yet also distances them from each other? And my difficulty in framing an answer tells you how intertwined they feel to me.

Then, during the London Olympics in 2012, I saw this viral of the parents of American gymnast Aly Raisman watching their daughter’s routine and it kind of blew me away. I do think female ambition is viewed by the culture at large.

Another early 90s film with ghastly witches, this cult classic has held the test of time and is still just as disturbing to watch now as it was as a child.


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