Rain bi and song hye kyo dating

Just last night, he confronted one of her leading man, Hyun Bin because he learned that he has been sending flirty messages to Hye Kyo telling her that he loves her and wanted to date her. While driving around the city of Seoul looking for traces of Hye Kyo, he couldn't stop thinking of what his girlfriend had been through the past 8 years while their relationship has been kept in the closet... Being with Hye Kyo, he felt that things were finally falling into place.

It seems Song Joong Ki wasn’t joking when he said he and Song Hye Kyo decided to start a new life together at the start of 2017.



First attempt at writing a fan fiction - inspired by 25rhieannerain and rainloveraine - RATING may vary in every chapter but for now, a K. "Our Secret Love" By Charmcrystals A/N: My first attempt at writing a fan fiction. Nonetheless, even though they were madly in love with each other, they were quiet about it, fearful of what the media and their fans would say once they unwrap their relationship and display it on the counter. Baffled with the principles set by the entertainment industry to icons like him, he decided to approach his then mentor, Park Jin Young and come clean about their relationship.Korean top actress Kim Tae-Hee and superstar Rain (Jung Ji-hoon), who is currently serving in the army, have been confirmed to be dating.



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