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Compact CNC machines have been around for a long time and there are affordable and often well built units available to buy from surplus suppliers and via auction.

Provided a machine is of good quality and has not been abused the hardware will likely work for many years to come.

A purely online model in this category would learn based on just the new input and some extra stored information (which is usually expected to have storage requirements independent of training data size).

For many formulations, for example nonlinear kernel methods, true online learning is not possible, though a form of hybrid online learning with recursive algorithms can be used where .

You can keep using the machine as usual while downloading a firmware.

However, you cannot use this machine while updating the machine firmware.



Depending on the type of model (statistical or adversarial), one can devise different notions of loss, which lead to different learning algorithms.

To download a firmware for this machine from the Internet and update the machine firmware, follow the below procedure.



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