Kevin pearce and ellery hollingsworth dating Sxs gratis

Snowboarding is gnarly: there’s always a younger generation coming up pretty hot, and so if you’re 25 and not on it, it’s hard to keep going,” observes 21-year old TTR Champion Kevin Pearce. Yes, he’s found success as a contest kid, but to Kevin – who was told the news while he was in the middle of Alaska, filming for the new Burton movie and his first Absinthe section – there’s more to snowboarding than podium places.

“It’s pretty gnarly how young most of us are, it’s crazy…” Able to buy a house before he could legally purchase a beer, this down-to-earth native of Norwich, Vermont is well aware of the weird world of pro shredding. Especially when you’re riding alongside heroes like Nicolas Muller and Gigi Rüf, and have just survived an avalanche…

DEEPER: the first installment in the DEEPER, FURTHER, HIGHER trilogy.

Follow Jeremy Jones and other top freeriders as they travel to the world's snowboarding meccas and venture past the ...

By turns pulse-quickening and contemplative, “The Crash Reel” is a thoroughly winning docu portrait of former pro snowboarder Kevin Pearce, whose 2009 accident while training for the Winter Olympics left him with a traumatic brain injury — and a feverish desire to return to the slopes ASAP.


"It's going to be like a big celebration for everyone," says his older brother Adam, who left his job as a snowboard coach to be at Kevin's side full-time this past year.

Known as the hardest working man in snowboarding, he destroyed the contest circuit last season at just 20 years old, stomping solid 1260s, huge Mc Twists and perfect Rodeo 540s at the world’s most elite events. Split the 0,000 champion prize money equally between Kevin and Shaun.


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